sábado, 4 de setembro de 2010

A better world

I believe that everybody should want to be a superhero.
In fact, I believe that everybody should be a superhero.
Moreover, I believe that everybody must be a superhero in order to build a better world.

But what are the superpowers of a real superhero?
It’s not about, having the muscles of the incredible Hulk,
or the speed of the flash,
or the weapons of batman,
or the X-ray vision of superman.

Being a real superhero
Is about having the power of seeing the others as ourselves.
It’s about having fun, lots of fun but with responsibility.
It’s about studying hard not because your teachers or your parents ask you to do it, but for the pleasure of learning.
It’s not about succeed all the time,
but it’s about not having fear of trying.
And if you failed,
it’s about not being afraid of starting over and over again
how many times it’s necessary.
It’s about showing your finger to the people who insist on saying
that you are not gonna do it,
that it’s impossible,
that you should give up on your dreams.

Come on show these people your fingers!

I say that because of you and me.
Because we are the creators of the future!
And I believe that we have the power of transforming the world into a better world.
Because We need a better world
We need a world of music not noise
We need a world of rhyme not crime
We need a world of union not apartheid
We need a world of agreement, accord,
assent, concord, consensus, harmony,
solidarity, singleness, wholeness, oneness

We need a better world
I bet You wouldn’t mind about the traffic,
Once you know there is a brother
Not an enemy in the car besides yours
We don’t need wealth, opulence
We just need dignity

We need a better world
We need a world of education not ignorance
We need a type of world that you can walk
in the streets with no worries
It doesn’t matter the time

We need a colorful world,
Although, in our world
Color and race must never be taken into consideration
With regard to rights, friendship, compassion
Sympathy and respect.

We don’t need the world of Hitler, Mussolini,
Pinochet, Bush, Sadam Hussein and all those motherfuckers
But We do need the world of Da Vince, Madre Teresa,
Gandhi, Mandela, Biko, Martin Luther King, Betinho,
Chico Mendes, Dalai Lama, John Lennon, Jesus.